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Green House Service uses a Cleaning Staff Management System called FreshOps. This Software as a Service (SAAS) platform has been developed to streamline our Time and Attendance and Task Management at Green House Services to provide us with increased HR Compliance, Payroll Accuracy and insights into Workforce Productivity.


The Benefit to our Business is it streamlines our staffs’ time and attendance and cleaning task allocation into a live process that allows us to access valuable information about our cleaners cleaning in the field from anywhere at any time. We believe this will further improve our Cleaning Quality, Cleaning Task Completion & Accuracy and Reporting, enabling us to provide even better service to you. 


In a Nutshell, freshOps allows us to Schedule all your Cleans into the System, Allocate them to our cleaners, assign all the cleaning tasks and periodicals to them and then monitor them attending site on the freshOps Dashboard while also monitoring Task Completion.


We believe cleaning contracts are rarely lost because the toilets weren’t cleaned last visit. Rather they are lost because the Dusting hasn’t been done in months, or the microwave clean that is supposed to happen each fortnight is being forgotten.  freshOps allows us to easily schedule and monitor completion of these periodical jobs to ensure complete delivery of the scope of works.


The Benefit to your Business is that we can guarantee completion of Periodicals across the month meaning your get exactly what you are paying for.  You can access and view when our cleaners are onsite, and how long they were there for. You can even see what tasks weren’t completed.  So we know that this means a better, more reliable and consistent service regardless on which cleaner is onsite as every cleaner who attends site is on the same page and knows what needs to be done when.

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