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For those working in any branch of health services, constant and vigilant attention to both personal and workplace cleanliness needs to be a primary concern. 

In no other profession does the cleanliness of the workplace – or lack of it – have the potential to impact upon the lives of others. This is especially important with the rise of infectious and highly communicable diseases such as measles in recent years. A clean working environment is critical in stopping the spread of potentially harmful viruses and bacteria. 

Not only will a clean workplace keep health employees fit and well for work, but it can also help to protect patients who may be the most at the risk, such as infants and the elderly. 

At Green House Services, understand that the importance of a clean and healthy working environment extends well beyond the requirements of workplace health and safety (WHS). We work alongside health professionals and their support staff to determine what the priorities are for cleaning requirements. We also determine the frequency, and suggest which services will be most beneficial to that environment. We can then customize a package to fit your requirements. 

We specialise in Health Facility Cleaning Services, in accordance with the NSW Health Environmental Cleaning Policy (PD2012_061).

Our freshOps software systems ensure that correct procedure is followed by our employees every time, guaranteeing quality control and job completion. 

From floor scrubbing to disinfecting surfaces, every part of the job is crucial to a clean working environment. Let Green House Services create a cleaning schedule to benefit you, your employees and your patients. 

Green House Services can assist with:

  • Hospital terminal cleaning
  • Specialist and doctor’s offices cleaning, including reception areas and treatment rooms
  • Surgical cleaning
  • Disinfecting and general surface cleaning requirements
  • Cleaning and maintaining restrooms
  • Floor scrubbing, disinfecting and maintenance
  • Desk, keyboard and computer cleaning 
  • Rubbish removal

“Team site cleaning systems should be adaptable with change.”
Joe Eerden, General Manager

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