Offices and Workplaces

For businesses with a public face, a clean and tidy office creates an important first impression of your business. 

But an office is more that just a place for your clients: it’s your employees that spend the most time there. 

While more and more employees are working remotely or flexibly for at least part of their working week, the office is still for most employees the focus of their working life. At Green House Services, we understand that for many, the office is the home away from home during the working week. 

And given that almost a third of any five-day work week is spent in the workplace, it is important to spend it in a place that is tidy and clean.  Many employees consider an untidy workplace a mental distraction, which creates a negative impact on productivity. 

But more importantly, an unclean workplace can impact on overall employee health by contributing to the spread of germs. This also impacts productivity through time lost from sick days. 

At Green House Services, we work alongside office managers to determine what the priorities and frequency for your office cleaning, in order to keep your working spaces ‘show room ready’ all the time. Then we can customize a package to fit your requirements and budget. 

Our client-focused software system freshOps allows for customization and transparency around task completion and allocation, allowing for easy scheduling and monitoring.

From keyboard cleaning to microwaves, from rubbish bins to restrooms, no part of the job is too small. Let Green House Services create a cleaning schedule to benefit you, your employees and your clients. 

Green House Services can assist with:

  • Dusting and general cleaning requirements
  • Cleaning and maintaining restrooms
  • Keyboard and computer cleaning and dusting
  • Vacuuming and floor maintenance
  • Floor and general surface cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Staff kitchen cleaning and maintenance
  • Rubbish removal

“Team site cleaning systems should be adaptable with change.”
Joe Eerden, General Manager

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